About Us

Our Gambit of services :

Hospital Planning, Designing and Consultancy (for - new, expansion & remodeling).

7Turnkey outsourced management.

Organizational transformation and turnaround.

Feasibility, business and strategic planning.

TQM protocols and process improvement.

Hospital Operation management.

Hospital equipment planning, sourcing, pricing, selection.

Human resource management.

Hospital marketing and promotion.

Hospital accreditation.

Hospital information system.

Risk management and hazard analysis.


A philosophy of honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We make commitments with care and then live up to them.

We appreciate the sense of urgency in matters related to our clients and strive to be responsive in all that we do.

Our recommendations are always practical and achievable.

We involve key individuals throughout the client organization from the beginning to earn their confidence and trust so that our final recommendations are viewed as shared conclusions.


Our Objectives

Customer oriented approach.

Organizing leverage to deliver continually improving quality consultancy services.

Implementation of innovative solutions.

To achieve excellence and success using achievable vision of future.

Design healthcare facilities and help hospitals to run competitive space.