Equipment Planning , Sourcing, Pricing & Selection
The range of medical equipment required for a project could be vast, ranging from a simple hospital cot to a complex MRI
machine. These equipments could add up to 50 to 60% of the total cost of the project.

Also the specific civil design and power supply criteria required for certain hi-tech equipment, for example, Laminar Airflow
required in a Cardiac OT complex, play a significant role and require a lot of technical expertise.

In addition to this, the perils of budgetary shortfalls in course of the project are evident.

An expert "Techno-Planning Panel" (TPP), comprising of doctors, senior nursing staff and biomedical engineers with hands
down experience in the use and purchase of medical equipment, enables to conduct a series of planned operations to
purchase the best quality and cost-effective equipment as per the timely requirements of the project.

Plus our access to global technology database and "Technology Scrutiny Program" (TSP) support our ultimate goal.